All About SEO That You Need To Know For Beginner

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Before going too far about SEO, some of you might think what SEO is. Well, SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. It’s a process to optimize your site for better visibility when people write a certain keyword in Google or Bing.

It helps businesses to gain more visibility, attract people attention for the new customer or existing customers, and increase the sale.

How does SEO work

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Duckduckgo are using a certain algorithm by using bots to crawl and collect information then putting those webs in an index, and then determine what kind of pages that will appear in the first page and so on.

There are many factors and aspects that can be considered for your web appear in the first page of google, like user experience, quality contents, keyword research, etc, that you can find the detail on the main indicator for SEO below.

Why is SEO important for your business

SEO is one of the fundamental parts of digital marketing, because millions or even billions people conduct search every day, whether they are looking for information, commercial, product or service.

SEO will help your website to generate more traffic which will impact your brand, trust and authority of your business and will lead to your sales stats.

Also what you need to know is people are going to do their own research before they decide to buy a product and service. And one way to do the research is through a search engine!.

If your website appears in the first page of a search engine it will make your business more trustworthy, and it will easily increase your sales.

What is the main indicator for SEO

1. Url Structure

When you create an URL, make sure to avoid too long words and make it simple. It is enough by putting your domain name and content title as the URL.


When your URL is simple, it will make it easier for the search engine to recognize your website and the topic that you’ve created.


If you haven’t heard SSL or TLS yet, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. it is the standard technology for keeping an internet connection secure. For more information about SSL or TLS you can read more on

So, why is SSL/TLS important for SEO?

Google prioritizes showing websites that are SSL certified because it is more secure for the user. Beside, chrome labelled the website that has no SSL certified as not secure.

If you want to know whether your website is SSL certified or hasn’t, just open your website in the browser and see if your website starts with HTTP or HTTPS.

If your website starts with HTTPS, then it means your website is SSL certified, but if it starts with HTTP then it’s not certified yet.

3. Content Structure

When you create a website and have a niche, you should make your pillar contents and create more contents that will connect to the pillar ones.

Example: you have a website about travelling, your pillar content would be something like cuisine, tour destination and hotel. Then you create more content that connects to those pillar contents.

When you create contents according to your niche and similar to your pillar contents, it will help your website appear in the first page in search engines, since it will be easier to be recognized by the search engines.

4. Search intent

Sometimes there is a keyword that has a different intent. You need to know the intent behind a keyword that has been searched.

Example, when someone writes an “ apple”, you need to know whether it is an “ Apple” as a fruit, or an “ Apple” as a product (Iphone, Macbook, etc).

When you write an “apple” on the search engine, you’ll find apple products appear in the first page of the search result.

It is because many people write an “apple” word, that is looking for apple products, not apple fruit.

5. Backlink

Backlink is still one of the factors in SEO strategy that will help you gain trust in front of your readers.

Google considers a website with a tons of backlink has high credibility, but it should come from a trustworthy website with a high quality content, not from spammy website.

6. Meta Tags

Meta tags consist of title tag and meta description. It will help Google to know your content as a whole on the page.

For tips, it’s better to write a not too long title, and summarize your content in the meta description.

7. Website Speed

Your website speed is one of the most important factors in SEO. you can check your website speed on

If your speed is fast enough, there’s a high probability that google will have a higher ranking, it’s because of the comfort of your user experience while browsing your website.

If you still have any questions about digital marketing, feel free to contact me and let’s have a discussion for further ideas. Thanks

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