What is Facebook Custom Audience?

Riansyah Tuahunse
3 min readSep 1, 2020

A Facebook custom audience is one of the powerful audiences we can create and run our ads to them. They become targeted audiences since they have engaged and interacted with us before. That’s what makes the custom audience really powerful, especially when we are running retargeting ads.

Facebook custom audiences are different from saved audiences. Since custom audiences have engaged and interacted with us before, that makes them in the middle of the funnel (MOFU).

Here are the custom audience lists you can create:

Customer File

Before you upload your customer list, you need to follow facebook’s rule on providing your customer information, so Facebook can match your information with their Facebook profile.

Your customer list must be formatted either CSV or txt. And it consists of first name, last name, email, phone number, city, state/province, country, postal code, gender, etc. you can found here about the details

Website Traffic

With a custom audience website, it allows you to create audiences who have visited your website, and then run your ads to them.

You can run your retargeting ads to the people who have visited your website but didn’t complete the purchase to encourage them to finish the process.

You can create the audiences who have visited your website in the past 30 days, or any days you want.

App Activity

This feature only works if you have an app like games, chat, or any other app. You can run your ads to the people who have taken any action within your app. To target people by app activity, create a Custom Audience based on App Events.

Offline Activity

If your business runs both online and offline, this feature will help you to upload your customer list who have interacted with your business in-store, by phone or offline channels.

So far Facebook allows you to retarget people who interacted with your online channels, events, or business. But now you will be able to integrate your offline event activities on Facebook to maximize the conversion rate for your business.


Engagement audiences are the audiences who interacted with your content on Facebook and Instagram.

You can create this audience using several sources:

  • Video: Create your audiences who watched your video on Facebook or Instagram. You also can create based on the percentage of your video watched
  • Lead Form: Create your audiences who interacted with your lead form on Facebook or Instagram
  • Fullscreen Experience: Create your audiences based on the people who experienced and interacted with you canva ads
  • Facebook page: Create your audiences based on the people who engaged with your Facebook page.

And many other choices you can choose to be the source of your audiences.

And finally, creating your custom audiences and running your ads to target them is really powerful since they have interacted with your business before. So, these features are really helpful for advertisers to optimize the company’s profit.

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