What Is The Steps To Run Campaigns In Online Advertising?

Since digital marketing is an effective way to promote your brand, running campaigns on several platforms that most people use will surely be an advantage to increase your brand awareness and increase your sales.

But, for new businesses sometimes still don’t get the ideas on how to run their digital marketing campaign so they could benefit from it. That’s why you need to plan your digital campaign strategy properly.

Why is it important to plan your campaign strategy?

Running a campaign blindly will surely blow your marketing budget. By planning your campaign strategy will make your marketing budget used properly and effectively, not to mention you’ll gain more profit from it.

So how to plan your marketing strategy campaign?

Before you run your campaign, here are the areas that you should define first, so you could make your campaign effective and impactful.

Define your Market Persona

If you already have a website and have run your campaign before, it won’t be too hard to define your market. All you need to do is analyze the reports and see the data of your customers.

But, if you are just starting out then you need some research about your market. What kind of people do you want to target?

You have to describe your market persona in detail — what they do for a living, their age range, their annual salary, their status, their hope, dream and pain point — if you can describe your market well, it won’t be a problem for you to gain benefit by running your campaign.

Define Your Goal

Before you run your ads campaign, you should define your goals. Is it for brand awareness? Or conversion or page like or getting leads and many more.

On e-commerce usually run conversion since people can buy immediately when they like the products. On the other hand, high ticket products running their campaign to get leads so they could educate the market and start selling their tripwire upfront then to high ticket products/services. Besides, no one would likely to buy high ticket product when they see the ads. People on high ticket products need more information, so the purchase process happens outside the website.

Set up your conversion sales funnel

As I mentioned above, e-commerce doesn’t need a long funnel in their customer’s journey. It’s different from high ticket products since the purchase process takes a long time.

If you have defined your market persona, you could create the best funnel for them. You can create based on their purchase behavior and how to upsell them with your other product that is suitable for them.

Choose the channel

You should choose your marketing channel to run your ads on it. By using your market persona, you won’t be a matter. Even though most people are active in more than three social media, but each platform has different user’s behavior.

On Facebook and Instagram, ads creatives ( images / Videos ) must be good enough to grab your audience’s attention, because your creative will be the stopper of their scrolling activity. If your creatives not good enough they won’t see your ads and keep scrolling. For Linkedin, it is powerful if you are in B2B business.

If you want to run Google ads and SEO, you need to do some keyword research. It is the words that your audiences type in the search engine in order to find information about the product or service or answer.

All the platforms are very powerful to give you benefits and increase your sales. It only depends on you on how to approach your market. You can choose all the platforms or you can use some of it according to your market.

Tips: social media ads are different from google ads. People on social media looking for entertainment, information or inspiration. If your creatives are not entertaining, not giving information and not inspiring, people won’t click on your ads. In Google, people who type any keywords, they surely look for something in the keywords.

Setup remarketing

Remarketing is very important in your ads campaign since most everyone is not gonna purchase something in the first approach. That’s why you need remarketing to make them remember your brand.

Remarketing is not only meant to target people who have engaged with you but not purchase, but it also targets to your existing customer. Since your existing customer has their trust in your brand, they more likely to purchase easily than your new audiences.

If you are an entrepreneur and don’t have time to think about these many things, you should probably hire a digital marketing agency, so you could focus on develop your product/service and let the digital marketing agency do your marketing strategy.

Hopefully, this article brings you value. You can share your idea on comment below or you can discuss it with me as well.

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