Why Do My Facebook Ads Take So Long To Be Approved?

Riansyah Tuahunse
4 min readApr 9, 2021

There are many businesses that run Facebook ads from small businesses to the big ones, since Facebook ads work and can generate leads and conversion.

But sometimes, some people that just run Facebook ads wonder how long their campaign was approved?

Because sometimes it might take longer for Facebook to approve campaigns, and even disapprove it.

Before you ask how long it might take for Facebook to approve your campaigns, it’s better to know whether your ads break the Facebook advertising rules.

Here are some Facebook advertising guideline that you should know:

  1. You should not advertise anything related to Weapons, ammunition or explosives.
  2. You should not violate Facebook Community Standards and Instagram Community Guidelines
  3. You should not advertise the adult product or service/nudity/
  4. You should not advertise something which is illegal.
  5. You should not promote copyrighted content.
  6. You should not run ads which discriminate against, harass people who use FB and Instagram.
  7. You should not promote sensational/violent/shocking content.
  8. You should not boost tobacco/drug/unsafe supplement related products
  9. You should not promote content which asserts personal attributes.
  10. You should not advertise false/misleading/controversial content.

But the good news is, Facebook gives an option to appeal if your campaigns are disapproved. So, as long as you don’t break any Facebook advertising policies, your ads can be run.

So, how long is your campaign going to be approved?

Facebook claims that on average the approval might take around 15 minutes. But some people might have experienced longer than that especially for the new account, it might take for 24 hours.

There is a rumor though, that spread among the marketer that said if you spend lots of money on Facebook ads, it might help your ads through review.

That rumor seems true!

Logically, it’s all about business. And if you increase your payment, you will get special treatment as well.

But that claim has no proof at all, since Facebook said the ads review through their machine. Whether you spend $25 /day or $2500 /day, their machine will review your ads. Unless your account has run Facebook ads before, then the review may take a shorter amount of time.

What is the issue with the approval?

When your ads are under review by Facebook and it takes longer than it used to, your ads might be at risk for disapproval.

There are some common mistakes that advertisers does, such as:

  1. Irrelevant image. You can’t run ads for baby products and sell it using Brie Larson wearing Captain marvel costume, or any image can’t be provocative in nature
  2. You can’t call out any target market, i.e: Are you fat? Or are you muslim? Etc. you have to be careful with your copy that mentions your market background.
  3. Cloaked URLs for landing pages. You include a link to a file that aren’t web pages, like pdf or something.

What you should do when your ads disapprove?

When your ads are rejected by Facebook, it must be for a reason. You need to take a look at why your ads are disapproved.

That way you can change your ads easily.

If you keep trying to run the same ads that have been disapproved, it will lead to your ad account being restricted by Facebook, so keep that in mind!

And overall, if your ads haven’t been approved by Facebook for more than 2 days, you should consider contacting Facebook support, rather than recreating new ads, since it will start over the process, and it might take the same amount of time to be approved.

Hopefully, this short article can help find the answer about your ads taken too long to be approved by Facebook. If you have further question or anything to discuss, feel free to contact me.

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